EastTaitung Irrigation Association

Address:No.190, Xinsheng Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 950, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Geographical enviroment

It is located in the south-east of Taiwan, and facing to Pacific ocean in the east, counting on Central Mountain range in the west. In the side of east, coastal mountains prolong far distance. Its terrain tilts from the west to the east with slope about 1/14. Starting from Tawu Hsiang in the south, to Changpin, Chihshang Hsiang in the north, total covers 12towns and cities. Average temperature here is 23℃. The dry period in every tear begins from Nov. to April of next year, and rich rainfall will be in the summer and annual rainfall is 2,000-2,400 mm. Most of the rainy days are in July, August, and September to show up uneven distribution in time and space. Business area is 14,341 Ha.


Irrigation system
1. Water resources – Main and secondary rivers total 181 come from surface water resources. Ground water pumping 9 stations are used for dry period, and its water pumping quantity is 0.4557 cms. Main irrigation water resources is Peinan river to irrigate area about 9,720 Ha. Lichia, Chihpen, and Tamali stream water system fare to irrigate for area 1,162 Ha. River water resources of Chengkung area has short, torrential and rapid, and flow directly into the ocean. The irrigation area is about 3,118 Ha. 2. Sub-lateral canal – 823,023 meters, water supply ditch 1,408,785 meters.
Irrigation pattern and cultivation way
1. Irrigation pattern has divided into 3 kinds. Except 7th – 17th lateral canal of Kuanshan canal for second crop field, Tayuan canal, Luyeh canal, and Peinanshang canal for upland irrigation area, the rest canals are double-cropped cultivation field. Its main crops are paddy rice, sugar apple, and tea tree, etc. 2. Since 1985, water – saving pipeline irrigation was continuously under promotion. During the period from 1985 to 2006, the area under promotion had reached to be 3663 Ha., and it benefited for 3575 Ha for the farmers. The subsidy for facilities set-up had been reached $174,512,997.- to benefit for Chihshang, Kuanshan,Haituan, Luyeh, Yenping, Peinan, Taitung,Tamali,GingFong,Tajen,Tawu,Tungho,ChangGong,and ChangPin etc. 14 towns and cities. 3. Irrigation group for voluntary labor – Chengkung area belongs to scattering canals and uneasy to be managed. Irrigation group has promoted with volunteer for labor service and to maintain the irrigation works and canal by issuing the pvc pipes, etc. various materials and operation cost with remarkable result.
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