SouthPingtung Irrigation Association

Address:No.143, Xinyi Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Geographical enviroment
This association is located within the territory of Pingrung county, and in the west is Tawushan. The plain area starts from the east of Kaoping river, including: 23 cities and towns. Its terrain tilts from the east to the west, and long for north-south and narrow for west-east. As the sunshine here is so bright and sufficient, the land is fertile to be a good agriculture area. The yearly rainfall is 2,000-2,500 mm, but it is abundant but not so even of distribution. The dry period is in winter and spring, and the rainy period is in summer and autumn. Often, there are typhoons and storm to strike this area.
Irrigation system
1. Irrigation water resources – Surface water comes from Chuokou, Yiliao, Kaoping, Wulo, Tungkang, Linpien, Fengkang, Tsuomang, Shihchung stream, etc. natural rivers, and with pumping or constructing the weir or digging the tunnel to intake water, so there are 15 pump stations, ground water 852 wells with varied depth, and 865 pumps with total 11,823 HP for irrigation. 2. Irrigation canal – Main irrigation canals from the north to the south are: old Chiuliao canal, Likang canal, Tiliao canal, Yenpu canal, Tsunglan canal, Yungan canal, Wandan canal, Tung canal, Yungshunpei, Szekoushui canal, Chiukaitsuopei, Tapo canal, Chungchunpei, Changlungshangpei, Neihsi canal, and Chechengpei, etc. to cross over the whole area with irrigation water distributing system. 3. Drainage canal – Main drainage canals include 2nd main canal of Taishan canal, straight drainage of Wulo stream main canal, main canal of Liukaitsuo farm, drainage canal of Wulung, drainage canal of Hsinyuan, drainage canal of Hsinghua, drainage canal of Lishe, etc. to drain the water for the farmland.
Irrigation pattern and cultivation way
1. Double-cropped cultivation: the cycle of crops’ plantation is paddy rice – paddy rice – miscellaneous crops for every year. Therefore, the irrigation water of crops aforesaid would be supplied. 2. Single-cropped cultivation: cultivation for paddy rice or miscellaneous crops for every year. The water of crops’ need would be supplied. 3. Upland crops: Not cultivation for paddy rice, and cultivation for miscellaneous corps or upland crops, and the irrigation practice depends on water resources and properties of the crops water requirements. In this territory, irrigation program is set-up to match for first crop and second crop cultivation on paddy rice and miscellaneous crops, and reports to be filed in Provincial Water Conservancy Bureau. Because here has no big reservoir, except having intaked the water from rivers and streams in the mountains and surface water, most of the water resources come from scattering canals or small water pumping area. Besides, as the water resources is not stable and geographical environment is special, the crude-type rotational irrigation or manpower employed in water distribution are adopted for irrigation.