NorthPeikee Irrigation Association

Address:3F, No.1, Aly. 16, Ln. 101, Sec. 3, Xinshi 1st Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251,Taiwan (R.O.C)
Geographical enviroment
Its coast follows to the mountains and ocean, and less plain in this area. The rivers here are short and torrential, so it has weak water resources. Most of the canals are drilled along the valley, and there are more than 269 canals in the territory. Moreover, there are more than 1,190 lateral canals crossing through whole field, the irrigation area is spreading all over the mountain creeks and on both sides of the valley. They are terraced paddies and wide in this land. The around-trip visiting is by walking. As traffic transportation is difficult, the management is uneasy to do. In this Association, the irrigation area include Taipei county’s Tanshui, Sanchih, Shihmen, Kinshan, Wanli, Juifang, Pinghsi, Kongliao and Keelung City.

Irrigation system
There are more than 269 leading canals in this territory, and supply ditches are 190 ditches to mainly irrigate for Kuitzukang stream, Waikanchen stream, Chuangtzenei stream, Hsiaokuijoushan stream, Hsinghuatien stream, Kongshihtien stream, Houchoutze stream, Huiyaotze, Tatun stream, Palien stream, Takeng stream, Pachia stream, Fenglin stream, Laomei stream, Shihmen stream, Alipang stream, Huang stream, Chingshui stream, Daojaohu stream, Shihchutze stream,Chinpaoli stream, Yuantantze stream, Luchuping stream, Keelung river, Tahu stream, Yuanwangkeng stream, Fangchia stream, Shihpikeng stream, Tingtzelankeng stream, Pinglin stream, Mudangkeng stream, Lunglung stream, and Shihting stream, etc. Still, some leading canals intake spring and water coming from creeks, and there are 8 wells dipped from deep ground to compensate for the irrigation except canals and ponds distribution everywhere in this land.
Irrigation pattern and cultivation way
There are 4 working stations set-up in this territory to control 269 canals, and it has divided into 8 service blocks. Each crop of rice cultivation has a program with irrigation project for water distribution executed. As to the management for water distribution in the field, it depends on the function of basic organization of the irrigation group, team leaders or members . At the time of dry period, rotary irrigation can be adopted to provide for water regulation and distribution. Double-cropped and single-cropped cultivation are combined in irrigation areas.
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