NorthMiaoli Irrigation Association

Address:No.61, Minzu Rd., Miaoli City, Miaoli County 360, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Geographical enviroment

This association is situated in the east at the west of Central Mountain range of Nanchuang, Miaoli, Tahu Hsiang, facing to the Taiwan straits of Houlung, Chunan towns, and from the south of Sanyi Hsiang, to the north or Erhmei of Hsichu county, Peipu Hsiang and Hsinchu area to across over Miaoli city, Houlung, Chunana, Toufen, Kungkuan, Chaochiao, Tou Wu, Sanyi, Tunglo, Hsihu, Tahu, Sanwang, Nanchuang of Miaoli county, and Erhmei, Peipu, Paoshan of Hsinchu county, total 3 counties and 17 cities and towns.

Irrigation system
The irrigation systems of this territory include Houlung stream, Hsihu stream, Chhungkang stream, Mingte dam, Tapu dam, Chientan dam and Patzekang dam. Except the irrigation water from Mingte dam and Tapu dam is stable supplying for farmland. The rest area is irrigated with water from temporary dam. However, this system of irrigation is extremely unstable with frequent water level raising and falling, the intermittent irrigation is implemented at certain period and water ground resources shall be applied often for this shortage.