EastHualien Irrigation Association

Address:No.1, Ln. 14, Beichang 5th St., Ji’an Township, Hualien County 973, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Geographical enviroment
This irrigation association is located in the east of Taiwan, and starts from Tachuoshui river of Hsiulin Hsiang and boundary of Yilan county in the north , and closes to Fuli Hsiang and Taitung county in the south, including total 13 towns and cities. It closes to Pacific ocean in the east, and to Central Mountain range in the west. The length of from the north to the south is about 140 km. The width of from the west to the east is 25 km. The terrain is long and narrow with short and torrential river. As the irrigation area is scattered, so the maintenance and management jobs are extremely difficult. The annual rainfall of this area is about 2,000mm, and the average temperature is about 24℃. The period of rainfall is spread from May to Nov. Starting from Dec. to April of next year, the rainfall isles so that the dry period often occurs. Most of the soil here is sandy gravel and less factory, so the land quality is not yet polluted. As to the soil under development inside the river levee, most of them are sandy soil.
Irrigation system

Irrigation water adopts natural rivers, and most of the water resources come from river, stream, and creek, and small part comes from underground water by pumping. Its water quality is exvellent, so the rice quality under cultivation is also exvellent. 1. Irrigation canals – Lintien canal, Pinglin canal, Hsincheng canal, Peipu canal, Taan canal, Chian canal, Tungfu canal, Nanfu canal, Fengtien canal, Juisui canal, Hsingchuan canal, Juihsi canal, Taipiing canal, Yuli canal, Changliang canal, Dichia canal, Tayu canal, Yutung canal, Chiulin canal, Chutien canal, Fuli canal, etc. 21 canals. 2. Drainage canals – Reorganized area of Yuli, Yuanchengli drainage medium row 1-7 medium drainage canal with overall length 115,153 meters.