SouthChianan Irrigation Association

Address:No.25, You’ai St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan
Geographical enviroment
This association is located at Chianan plain, the south-west of Taiwan. In the east, starting from Central Mountain range, in the west, facing to the Taiwan straits, nd the length from east to west about 71 km. In the north, it starts from Peikang stream, and the length from south to north about 86 km. The terrain here is flat, and it cross over Chiayi and Tainan including 4 counties an cities. Climate is sub-tropical with annual average temperature 21-24℃, and rainfall 1,600 mm. However, 80% of rainfall concentrates on from May to September. Even through there had irrigation facilities for partial land at early time, it still lacked of irrigation facilities system. The farmers intake water from nearby rivers or ponds for farmland irrigation 5,000 Ha only. The other farmers’ irrigation water requirement relies on the rainfall. Therefore, the productivity is not much.
Irrigation system
1. Irrigation water resources –  a. Reservoir: Tsengwen Reservoir, Wutoushan Reservoir, Paiho Reservoir, Hutou pond, Teyuan pond, Neiputze pond, Yenshui pond, Fangtzetien pond, etc. total 35 ponds.  b. River resources: Taochiang canal, Chunghsing canal, Liutzekou canal, and Hsuhsien canal, etc. 114 canals  c. Surface water supplement: water comes from rivers and drainage canal by irrigation facilities or power pump or natural flow for supplement. There are 87 water resources for irrigation supplement.  d. Ground water supplement: 16 wells to pump water from under ground. 2. Irrigation canals –  (1) Main canal and lateral canal total 1,150,733 meters.  (2) Medium and small water supply ditch about 9,023,923 meters. 3. Drainage canals – Large, medium and small drainage canals about 9,033,747 meters.
Irrigation pattern and cultivation way
The irrigation area include Chiayi, Tsengwen of Tainan city and county, Wushantou reservoir irrigation area (including combined irrigation area), Paiho reservoir irrigation area, etc. independent irrigation area. However, Tsengwen-Wushantou reservoir irrigation area, whole the water resources come from Tsengwen, Wushantou reservoir. Paiho reservoir and Taochiang canal irrigation area supply water depending on the way of cultivation, soil texture and water resources, so there are double-cropped cultivation, single-cropped cultivation, three years-two crops cultivation, sugar-cane cultivation, and rotation cultivation. Double-cropped cultivation: 1st and 2nd crop of paddy rice cultivation every year. Single-cropped cultivation: 2nd crop to paddy rice and miscellaneous crops cultivation every year. Three ears-two crops cultivation: at 2nd crop to cultivate twice paddy rice during three years, and only one cultivation for varied crops, one cultivation of sugar-cane, and after that one cultivation for grain crops. Sugar-cane crop cultivation: sugar-cane and ratoon sugar-cane cultivation during three years. Rotation cultivation: one cultivation of paddy rice every two tears, and the others’ cultivation is miscellaneous crops.The irrigation is scheduled to supply water according to the way of cultivation, date of plantation, and properties of the crops' growing.