Research Results

iWater: integrated, innovative and intelligent irrigation water management.

(2017) no.106AS-8.1.5-IE-b1


Due to the impact of climate change, managing irrigation water effectively and efficiently has become more and more important. This research project aim at the following issues. Firstly, programming data integration and optimization services of agricultural resources management to intensify the basis for big data analysis. Secondly, developing proper irrigation practice and agriculture and food policy toimprove irrigation efficiency and food security. Thirdly, evaluating the supporting capability of agricultural water resources to other water uses in water stress area, and planning a variety of intelligent water allocation program to reduce the risk of water shortages. Then, creating an agricultural drought early warning information system to reduce risks. andvulnerabilitytoweatherandclimatichazards. And finally, evaluating the outcomes of intelligent irrigation in the. demonstration region and modifying the project..