Research Results

Evaluation Project in Technical Output of New Southbound Policy of Farmland Water Conservancy.

(2017) no.106AS-8.1.4-IE-b1

In follow up with the government to promote the agricultural new southbound policy, the project is intended to Taiwan's leading international farmland water conservancy projects and irrigation management technology experience, the relevant farmland water management system, planning and design experience and water, water storage technology and other commercial, customization, in response to the needs of the New Southbound countries to help both sides to upgrade and create mutually beneficial cooperation in the new situation. The project is based on practical technical experience of different types of irrigation system planning to assist the countries such as Indonesia and Thailand to improve their farmland water conservancy infrastructure and to help them solve the problem of water supply. In addition, the assessment and application methods of Taiwan's farmland water conservancy irrigation management system and rice cultivation techniques, will be integrated to help the New Southbound countries to enhance its water use efficiency and rice production. Related to the results, can be used as a tool to promote to other New Southbound countries. (RID) Krasiew Irrigation Project Area Application of Geographic Information System Technology in Irrigation Management to Enhance the Efficiency of Agricultural Water Use in Thailand and Promote Taiwan's Farmland Water conservancy technology irrigation management technology output and cooperation with the New Southbound countries. The other will be the implementation of Taiwan's many years of water-saving pipeline irrigation projects and promote the results, so as to facilitate the promotion of other high economic crop species to the New Southbound countries. The project aims to increase the interaction and cooperation between Taiwan and the New Southbound countries, and to develop the new output mode of domestic farmland water conservancy industry and enhance the cooperation opportunities between Taiwan and the New Southbound countries.