Research Results

The Project for Promoting International Cooperation of Sustainable Development on Irrigation and Drainage.

(2017) no.106AS-4.2.5-IE-b1

The CTCID (Chinese Taipei Committee, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage) convenes a yearly meeting of the members of ICID working groups in Taiwan, and encourages the participation of members in the technical cooperation of the ICID (International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage). By exchanging ideas with foreign irrigation experts and professional leaders, we are able to receive the global updates on irrigation and learn the world trends. The project is to assist the CTCID working groups in promoting international cooperation. By introducing the latest technology of irrigation and drainage into Taiwan, with the hope of enhancing the technical development of irrigation in Taiwan, we will be able to participate more in related international activities on irrigation and reinforce the momentum for international cooperation as well. The objectives of the project are (1)To follow the international trends: It’s aimed to enhance the participation of all working groups through active participation in ICID activities and strengthen the irrigation technology development in Taiwan. (2)To reinforce relationship among the ICID members: The ICID’splatform creates opportunities for cooperation among its member states. We will actively participate in international meetings and strive to organize related academic activities in Taiwan, thereby promoting the sharing of and irrigation policy with other members. (3)To promote the nation’s irrigation expertise and program development: It’s aimed to build a professional, active and positive image for the irrigation industry of Taiwan and promote the expertise development.