Research Results

Development of safety management and monitoring mechanism on the safety of agriculture production environment.

(2017) no.106AS-15.2.3-IE-b1

Human-related pollution on paddy field is frequently found these days.Pollution of agricultural products is mainly caused by factors such as contaminant transport by irrigation water, the accumulation in soil, absorption by plants and its metabolic ability. The bio-effectiveness and transformation mechanisms of crops are not comprehensively considered during the establishment of ambient environmental monitoring standards. Also the government has different determination criteria and subsidy policies on fallow lands, suspended lands, and restricted lands. Moreover, the measurement cost of traceability system for agricultural products is too high, which lowers applying will of farmers and causes difficulty in implement. Hence, this project compiles information of the major heavy metal pollution issues that threaten the agricultural water resource such as transformation of the contaminants in the environment, environmental monitoring and regulatory standards. In addition, we will review the regulatory standards of water bodies, soil and sediment by suitability experimental and analytical methods. We will also evaluate the feasibility of incorporating bio-effectiveness and risk assessment in the review process of the regulatory standards in order to establish an optimal solution for localized agricultural and environmental cosurveillance. In addition, this project will compile data related to the subsidy on contaminated farm lands and consult with different relevant departments, finally, propose a suggestive subsidy on contaminated farm lands. Finally, about traceability system, the project will continuously compile information and seek for a proposal which can lower measurement cost and make implement easier.