Research Results

The Establishment of Classified Management of Water and Soil Resources and Early Warning Mechanism.

(2017) no.106AS-15.2.2-IE-b1

As a result of the unbalanced rural and urban planning and development, many farming communities are threatened by wastewaters from industrial, livestock, and domestic sources, which have caused damages to agricultural production and endangered food safety and human health. In view of this, the effective monitoring of irrigation water quality, integrative management of water resources, and effective management of regional farmland have become urgent and critical issues. In this project, the major task is to establish hierarchical indicators to classify the quality of farmlands, and to develop zoning management strategies of farmlands. In order to earmark funds of government effectively. For regions under risk of heavy metals pollution, we also plan to evaluate transport pathways of contaminants between irrigation water, sediment and soil in order to analyze the agricultural tolerance capacity of pollutants. In addition, we also plan to evaluate analyze method of anion time-lapse ion-exchange resin capsules, to expand the use of the time-lapse ion-exchange resin capsules on the monitoring of heavy metals concentrations of irrigation water. Finally, according to the research achievements that are mentioned above, to establish integrated management strategies of early warning system for the protection of agriculture environment.