Research Results

The Establishment of Automated Irrigation Water Quality Monitoring System and Technlolgy.

(2017) no.106AS-15.2.1-IE-b1

Base on the project “The Establishment of Automated Irrigation Water Quality Monitoring System and Classified Management of Water and Soil Resources” in 2016, it is planned to establish automated water quality monitoring system in Taichung and Changhua to improve monitoring effectiveness. There are four major sub-projects in the 2017 project: (1) Establish the technical irrigation water quality automatic monitoring network; (2) Enhance the assessment of heavy metal contaminants detection technology; (3) Enhance the performance of the mobile lab; (4) Promote the automatic irrigation water quality monitoring network and monitoring technology. The water quality monitoring network will be established in Taichung and Changhua which will be cooperated with irrigation water quality monitoring center. There will be two kinds of monitoring equipment include basic water quality monitoring equipment and heavy metal-based automatic monitoring equipment. The project team will hold the training and promotion work for the monitoring network. Besides, we will keep operating monitoring system in Taoyuan which is established by the project in 2016 and analyzing the data generated from the water monitoring system. We will also develop the time-lapse ion-exchange resin capsules for monitoring heavy metals. Through the experiment design, we can create a method to detect the heavy metal in water and find the way to control the irrigation water quality and distribution. The project will establish a standard operating procedure for the mobile lab set in 2016 to provide the operator to understand how the vehicle works. It is expected to complete at least 20 times on-site services in the field. The range of services extend to Taichung and Changhua. There will also be at least 3 training to enhance the efficiency of the vehicle.