Research Results

The overall Project Performance Management and Development for the Environmental Safety of Agricultural Production.

(2017) no.106AS-15.1.2-IE-b1

In order to deal with our country’s arable fields are irrigated by polluted waste water for a long, long time; and this issue creates the greatest impact to whole agricultural production environment. So, the Committee of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan sets up the「 Project Performance Management and Development for the Environmental Safety of Agricultural Production」; because this project involves in so many stakeholders, plus ,the information of this project needs crossorganization’s and cross-department’s corporation , and the application of information in cross-subjects’ use needs to fit into particular needs of different decision-making governmental organizations. So, the direction of research and development of this project must be taken through systematic tools of performance’s evaluation of management and development, to assist the following items of work: 1.Through systematic tools of plan management and assessment, to check and evaluate the rationality of every resource which is already invested in every research plan, in order to elevate the value and contribution of research and development of the overall projects. 2.Strengthen the communication in cross-organizations and crossdepartments, to promote the vertical and horizontal combination among the upper, middle, and lower levels. 3.To design the mode of promotion of the application about the achievements of research and development, so as to elevate the applied usages in the achievements of projects for stakeholders, and let the chievements be felt for to our people. The anticipated benefits of this project are as follows: (1)To elevate the ability for members of research projects in the setup of goals; and to elevate the establishment of thoughts and techniques in the setup of performance’s indexes. (2) Positively promote the mechanism of discussion and corporation for cross-organization’s and cross-subjects’ integration; and submit at least five highlighted items about technical achievements for the industrial needs.