Research Results

Management Strategy on Agricultural Water Resources in Response to Food Security in 2014

(2014) no.103AS-8.2.6-IE-b1

1.Drought Risk Assessment under Climate Change Scenarios 2.Risk Analysis of Irrigation Supply under Climate Change 3.Study of Fallow Strategy of Zengwen Reservoir Irrigation District for Groundwater as Irrigation Supplement during Dry Seasons 4.Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Kao-Ping River Basin 5.Optimal Agricultural Water Resources Allocation Strategies Adapting to Growing Water Demands 6.Master Plan of Water Resources Management Considering Agriculture Water Demand 7.Study on Adaptation for Improving the Resilience of Agricultural Irrigation System under Climate Change 8.Spatial Rainfall Interpolation and Runoff forecasting 9.Assessing the Impact of Changes in Solar Radiation on Crop Yield 10.Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Crop Yields using Principal Component Analysis 11.The Impact of Management Practice on Yield and Irrigation Water Use Efficiency for Paddy Rice 12.Study on the Influence of Deficit Irrigation to Irrigation Water Requirement and Yield for Paddy 13.Applications of Rational Water Allocation for Paddy and Upland Irrigation Systems 14.Optimum Mechanism for Irrigation Operation with Consideration of Water Quality for Ponds 15.Impacts of Water Management Strategy on the Deficit Risk on Field 16.Estimation Model for Regional irrigation Demand under Different 17.Anlysis of Agricultural Water Transfer Price and Price Elasticity Informations for Maintenance Food Security 18.Information Integration for Agricultural Irrigation Technology and System Maintenance for Knowledge Base