Research Results

Research on introduction of the new knowledge and studying of the completed indigenization ecological engineering for irrigation waterways.

(2013) no.102AS-8.2.4-IE-b1

In the past, to promote agricultural ecological engineering concept in Taiwan, mainly to enhance the technical level and improve waterway structures, but few of investigate reports discuss to about the operating effectiveness and survey. Therefore, bring about local communities have lack knowledge carry on operation, reduce the agricultural ecosystem to promote function in the Life-Production-Ecology policies . In addition,how to follow the trend of energy saving and carbon reducing, create the characteristics of agricultural waterways ecological green-engineering in Taiwan, and develop green techniques in agricultural ecological engineering, will be should be explored. Therefore, the main objects of the project are: will the introduction of foreign experience which the green engineering technology cases, to discuss viable work technology of the suggestion raise for the suitable application in Taiwan’s agricultural ecological green-engineering, to promote agricultural channels planning designed could think about the effectiveness of ecological engineering, also be able to the green engineering methods application. At the same time, through the result of investigate cases will propose the few suggestion content , to promote agricultural ecological engineering cases not only have ecological conservation not only the effectiveness, but also able to combine thebenefits of carbon reduction.