Research Results

Development Study on Ecological Engineering for Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage Ecosystem.

(2013) no.102AS-8.2.4-IE-b1

In order to improve the problems of conventional concrete channels seriously affecting the ecological waterways, last year our team used the H-formula ecological material to construct U-shaped groove of the ecological concrete aterways at Fanshe Daton Stream. This year we aregoing on ecological surveys on the waterway, including biodiversity and the degree of ecological nature, flow velocity, water temperature, pH values, conductivity, and so on, to find out how the material affect the local ecology. Our group will also develop new green material by adding agricultural waste - rice husk ash and industrial waste - fly ash or silica ash into concrete to improve its character. It can not only solve the problems of waste disposal but also decrease the emission of carbon dioxide due to the production of concrete. Our group will first go on material mix design test of two green materials. After precast raw materials into precast concrete blocks,test the physical characters of the blocks, including compressive strength, water absorption, porosity,and so on. We will also investigate the cost of the raw materials and the carbon reduction efficiency to discuss its precast feasibility.