Research Results

Applications of local ecological engineering materials for agricultural irrigation

(2011) no.100AS-7.5.2-IE-b1

Sunlight、air and water are three important elements in our life, efficient watering large areas of farmland depend on channels, the channels can be the lifeblood of farmland in Taiwan. In fact, the development of high functional nature materials is also greatly required for the purpose on improving potential functionality of irrigation installation in paddy field. In our study, a novel ecological material was fabricated by using intrinsic porosity concrete as basic element. The porosity of the ecological concrete is expected to enhance plant growth and water recharge. Several additives such as oyster-shell powders or diatomites are added into the porosity concrete to promote the benefit functions of the ecological material. The use of these additives would solve environmental problem in the disposal of the waste, and deal with the problem of insufficient natural material while implementing the natural works in irrigation engineering. Additionally, poly (acrylic acid) polymers are also use for humectants due to their excellent water absorption. After the molding process of manufacturing the concrete blends pre-cast slabs, we will study the physical properties of the new ecological building boards, and estimated their usability in agricultural waterways. The novel materials have benefits of the ecological property, construction convenience, and economic effect.