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History of Irrigation in Taiwan
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PREFACE: Introduction to the Farmland Irrigation Affairs

Agricultural water resource is one of the vital agricultural resources. Although Taiwan has plenty of rain precipitation, however, it has uneven seasonal distribution. On top of that, due to the wastewater generated by rapid economical development, especially part of it discharged without effective treatment, some areas have water pollution by this regard. As a result, it affects the effective utilization of water resource.

Farmland irrigation development has direct and indirect contribution to the environment of agricultural production and village livelihood. It also has substantial contribution to the cycle of water resources and protection of ecological environment. Therefore, farmland irrigation work is an important link in the field of agriculture. In the future, it should cope with the objective of agriculture policy to make necessary adjustment and present the best of its effects.

Farmland irrigation development needs tremendous amount of capital, meanwhile, it also benefits substantial territories, and operation life can extend to a very long period. Farmland Irrigation Associations are the main founding and managing agency for farmland irrigation development. Currently, there are 17 farmland Irrigation Associations in Taiwan covering three hundred and eighty thousand hectares of irrigation area. In order to guarantee the food supply in vital production area, central government in Taiwan fully subsidizes membership fee for farmland Irrigation system Associations based on standing regulations. The improvement and replacement facilities on farmland irrigation system also received subsidy from central government. Farmland Irrigation Associations are the farmer's organization with the position of "public juridical person". Department of Irrigation and Engineering, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan is the central supervising office for farmland Irrigation Associations. Based on the national "General Regulations on Organization of Irrigation Associations", Council of Agriculture is responsible to audit and supervise farmland Irrigation Associations.

Council of Agriculture has coped with agricultural policy and direction of agriculture development, compiled annual farmland irrigation policy and strategy, and set budget to promote farmland irrigation operation and management.


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