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Part III: Promotion of Farmland Irrigation

  1. 1. Direction and Strategy
  2. There is a close relationship between farmland irrigation and agricultural development. As the water needs in agricultural, industrial, and domestic sectors increased, the development of water resources in Taiwan is more and more difficult. Supply of water will become one of the limiting factors in water resources development. Consequently, the farmland irrigation has to coordinate with the agricultural policies, to search for sustainable agricultural development, to improve the water resources efficiency and to make more profit by maintain, control and management. In the hardware aspect, it has to continuously enhance the renovation of farmland irrigation and promotion water-saving irrigation facilities, facing towards modernized management. In the management aspect, it has to strengthen the management system of Irrigation Associations, effectively control water resource of irrigation system in order to make the best management, prevent pollution of irrigation water. During dry seasons, take water-saving steps to mitigate water shortage. While in wet seasons, take advantage of the irrigation facilities and paddy fields to keep excess runoff, filling water in the paddy fields in order to recharge groundwater through seepage and to promote the harmonic of water and soil resources usage and ecology, and to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture.

    The functions and benefits of farmland irrigation are not only limited to the direct agricultural "productive" function but also have the indirect "ecological" and "living" functions. The beneficiary includes farmers, regional residents, and citizens as a whole. Hereafter, the construction and maintenance of farmland irrigation facilities should be considered as public matters to let the farmers and the general public to involve and to support. Meanwhile, the management of Irrigation Associations should be diversified in order to accomplish multiple objectives and functions and to enlarge the contribution to the society.


  3. 2. Improvement of the Irrigation Associations' Affairs
  4. Irrigation Association is one of the three major farmer's groups. Due to the change in agricultural environment and cropping patterns, the management of Irrigation Association will be changed enormously. The operation and financial structure have to be re-evaluated. The old data in the Irrigation Associations has to be updated. The working flowchart has to be standardized in order to improve the efficiency. Recently, the government subsidized twenty million dollars to implement the improvement works for the Irrigation Associations. Works include: study the related regulation, compile management standards for Irrigation Associations, and compile the history of irrigation canals, check the properties owned by the Association, extension of the irrigation operation, personnel training and compile teaching materials, introduce new irrigation technologies, hardware design for rotational irrigation, propose rational membership fee, and database update and user's training.

    According to article 39-1 on the "Regulation on Organization", the membership fee has been waived. The central government subsidizes the amount to maintain the facilities and regular operation. Since 1994, the central government has provided membership fee and electricity for pumping in the amount of 20 billions and 26 millions, equivalent to NT$5,300 per member per acre per year, which is used to decrease farmers' water fee. There is no subsidiary to the two Irrigation Associations in Taipei city due to their sound financial situation.

    In future, new developments will focus on strengthen the regulations and operations in farmland irrigation, promote computerization in Irrigation Association, establish professional services, standardize and modernize the operations. Meanwhile, plan the environment nearby water and use of water conservancy facilities to create a water-friendly space, maintain the culture of paddy field, utilize the current resources to diversify managements for extending the services to the public will also be made.


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